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About the Brand

Creative Director, PERNELLE

Romeo Gigli, a legendary Italian fashion designer and mentor to designer Alexander McQueen, is often dubbed a “contemporary renaissance master.” His designs are well known for their elaborate nature and touch of renaissance grandeur. Mr. Gigli co-founded the brand 10 Corso Como in 1988 and won the Woolmark Award in 1990 for his trendsetting unstructured men’s jacket. His designs have been very popular among top graded celebrities in the world, namely: Nicole Kidman, Tilda Swinton, Sigourney Weaver, Zaha Hadid, Princess Carolina of Monaco, Leslie Cheung, Maggie Cheung, AndyLau and Fan Bingbing. Not only is he skilled in handbag design, he is also a master in various fields of fashion design, such as high-end ready-to-wear clothing, sports fashion, accessories and footwear. Mr. Gigli will lead and supervise PERNELLE’s outstanding creative team, laying the cornerstone for PERNELLE’s expansion in Asia. Mr. Gigli will arouse a revived passion for the brand in Asia with his creative insight into classic leather bags.

Brand History

Italy boasts a history of rich art and culture, which is especially demonstrated by Italian artisans’ exquisite craftsmanship. It all began in 1936 with the launch of a small family-owned leather workshop in Milan. The workshop soon became esteemed in Europe for manufacturing sturdy and utilitarian leather products. Inspired by the art of marble sculpting, the luxury brand PERNELLE was officially founded in 1976, aspiring to offer customers trendy, ornate and ever-lasting leather goods of exceptional quality. Once released, PERNELLE’s merchandise became an immediate sensation. PERNELLE represents elegance and robustness. Its unique products, incorporated with fashion-forward features, are well made and durable.