Prices are displayed in either Hong Kong dollars or US dollars on PERNELLE.COM, depending on which delivery destination is selected. Orders will be charged in Hong Kong dollars and all transactions are billed when the order is received.

Please note that the actual price charged is subject to exchange rates applied by the card issuer. Please check with your credit card company for related issues.

To provide a safe payment environment, PERNELLE.COM uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that protects your payment information during transmission.


Shipping rates

PERNELLE.COM charges a standard shipping rate for destinations as follows:

Destination Shipping Rates
HK HKD 50.00
Macau HKD 70.00
China RMB 80.00
Japan USD 80.00
Korea USD 30.00
Taiwan USD 30.00
Singapore USD 30.00
Malaysia USD 30.00
Thailand USD 30.00
UK USD 55.00
Europe USD 55.00
Aus USD 50.00
US USD 35.00
Canada USD 35.00
Other countries Please email for shipping details


Your tracking number is provided and can be found in the confirmation email and also on your personal account page. Please follow the links in the email to our shipping partners’ website to check on the delivery status.


After your order is placed, 1-3 working days are needed for processing and packaging. It is estimated that orders will be delivered in two (2) to seven (7) working days after processing and packaging is completed. In certain regions, custom offices may take additional time to inspect parcels and delivery time of some orders may be affected.


Estimated delivery times are to be used as a guide only and commence from the date of dispatch. We are not responsible for any delays caused by destination customs clearance processes or payment authorization.

Product prices displayed on PERNELLE.COM are exclusive of taxes and duties. As the recipient, you are liable for all import duties, customs and local sales taxes levied by the country you are shipping to.

Please contact your local customs office for customs policies and current charges before you purchase. Upon receipt of items, we require your signature representing that responsibilities of purchased goods have been transferred to you. If you have specified a recipient who is not you, then you accept that the signature by recipient is evidence of delivery and fulfillment by PERNELLE.COM.

If orders are returned to us for reasons such as incorrect addresses, PO Boxes, hotel addresses, failed delivery attempts, refusal to pay tax, refusal to provide ID copy, failure to comply with customs policies or recipient’s refusal of the parcels, we can re-ship orders that are returned to us. However, customers will be charged for additional shipping fees incurred.

Should you have any enquiry regarding shipping and delivery, please feel free to contact our customer service by email at

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